Cool Bedroom Hotel

Here at Luxury Accommodations, we went through all the wonderful hotels, resorts, and various vacation rentals listed on our blog, and compiled a list of some of the most amazing and unique hotel bedrooms you’ve ever seen. Our curated collection below includes designs from all eras and corners of the globe, from idyllic tropical retreats with stunning ocean views to outstanding rustic spaces, splendid open-air bedrooms, and creatively themed units that will inspire you to redecorate.

1. Spectacular Whitewashed Bedroom, Sophia Luxury Suites

A spacious, strikingly designed sleeping area, the honeymoon suite at Sophia Luxury Suites features a modern, minimalist décor with gently curved whitewashed walls and several unique details such as a superb ceiling hanging chair with pulley system.

2. IN THE GREEN Room, Zash Country Boutique Hotel

Wide glass doors let nature take center stage in this stylish, contemporary garden bedroom at Zash Country Boutique Hotel. Designed by award-winning architect Antonio Iraci, the space is swathed in calming shades of grey, creating a refined, delicate environment.

3. Levitation Under Roof, Seven Hotel

The bold futuristic design of Seven Hotel’s Levitation Under Roof room makes a powerful visual statement, with its levitating bed lit from beneath, starry ceiling, and sparkling acrylic shelves that seem to float in the air. The deep blue lighting and state-of-the-art technology add to the ambience, transporting guests into a sci-fi wonderland.

4. Cubo Suite, Emiliano

The Cubo Suite penthouse at Emiliano is an architectural masterpiece filled with natural light, exquisite designer furnishings, and striking details. Finished in light Brazilian woods and soft beige leathers, the 135 sqm room lies within a glass cube on the hotel’s top floor, boasting spectacular 180° views of São Paulo, a sumptuous king size bed, and a heated plunge pool in the living area.

5. Legend Serenity Room, Legend Hotel

This seductive and mysterious little bedroom at the Legend Hotel in Paris invites daydreaming and relaxation with subdued designer lighting and a theatrically lit bed. The soft white curtains add a touch of romance to the décor, while a warm mix of creams and chocolate browns create a sensuous, intimate atmosphere.

6. Overwater Bedroom, Zaya Nurai Island

If your idea of a dream bedroom is to wake up with the ocean in sight, then this gorgeous overwater retreat at Zaya Nurai Island will make you never want to leave. Housed in one of the resort’s water villas, this contemporary, light-filled room makes the most of the magnificent sea views with glorious glass walls that seem to let the outside in.

7. Love Nest, The Retreat Selous

Perched in the Love Nest treehouse of The Retreat Selous, this open-plan bedroom couldn’t be more fabulous. The entire space has a natural, yet sophisticated feel with its rustic floors, fine African antiques, and plush bed enclosed by a silk mosquito net. The views are sensational and the hammock makes for great lounging.

8. Romantic Pool Bedroom, An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas

The dreamy white curtains make this elegant poolside bedroom at An Lam Ninh Van Bay Villas a pleasure to relax. The sleeping area is decorated in an elegant Asian style, but it’s the sumptuous king size bed that holds all the magic.

9. Standard Room, Mondrian LA

Envisioned by world-famous designer Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, this STANDARD room at Mondrian LA comes with fanciful aesthetic details and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame dazzling views of Los Angeles. One of the quirkiest features is the oversized mirror the morphs into a flat screen TV.

10. Pirate Room, LEGOLAND Hotel

Childhood fantasies come alive in the Pirate-themed sleeping area at LEGOLAND Hotel. The décor is playful and full of color, with Lego graphics adorning the walls.