My Husband Did Not Want to Be Left Behind

I had been telling my husband for many years that I wanted to pick up a new hobby, and I was most interested in learning how to ski. He told me that it was kind of silly considering that it doesn’t snow in our own state. However, I persisted, and he finally relented! I had been looking for the best luxury vacation rentals in Vail Colorado Because I have been planning on going on a girls-only trip without my husband. When he saw the amazing pictures that I was pulling up online, he became very interested. I seized the moment and boasted about how wonderful it is there, and pointed out all of the things that we could do together. That was when he decided that he wanted the two of us to go on a trip together there.

My husband learned early on that I am no wallflower. He was brought up in a home where his mother and his sister did absolutely everything that his father commanded them to do. When the two of us got married and we moved in together, he learned real quick that I am not submissive and that if he can’t get on board with things that I want to do, I will leave him behind. I have never actually pursued skiing because I had been so busy with work. But now that work had leveled out, I was ready to go and was willing to go alone or with friends. Thankfully, he found himself quickly interested.

The trip turned out to be amazing. It actually felt like a second honeymoon. That is not what I was expecting, but it was very much appreciated. We held hands, laughed and smiled throughout the full trip. We had never taken a trip that allowed us to be so active outdoors before, and we looked forward to skiing daily.