The Most Hantued Hotels

  • Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado

The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, a small town at the eastern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, was said to have spooked horror master Stephen King so much that it became the inspiration for the setting of “The Shining.” Opened for more than a century, ghostly events have always been a part of its history, with the sounds of children running and laughing down the halls frequently reported on the fourth floor, and Mr. Stanley, the hotel’s original owner and the inventor of the Stanley Steamer Automobiles, along with his wife, are said to frequently walk through the lobby. Mrs. Stanley can sometimes be heard playing her piano in the music room, while a former housekeeper who died here in 1911, is said to frequently assist guests in Room 217 by unpacking and storing their belongings.

  • Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood, California 

Marilyn Monroe was once a resident at Hollywood’s glamorous Hotel Roosevelt, and she’s thought to be one of its many restless spirits that haunt the establishment today. Guests and hotel staff have reported seeing a blonde woman in the mirror found in her former suite, and her presence has also been felt in the hotel’s poolside Tropicana. Reports of mysterious phone calls to the hotel operator, orbs and cold spots are frequent – and, the ghost of the late actor Montgomery Clift has reportedly even been heard playing his trombone from room 928, where he once stayed.

  • The Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado 

For more than a century, the Brown Palace Hotel has set the standard for luxurious accommodations in Denver, hosting numerous celebrities, presidents and other dignitaries. It’s also said to play host to several spirits, with many tales of unexplained paranormal activity reported by staff and guests throughout the years. The stories have included sightings of a string quartet in the San Marco Room where guests used to enjoy musical performances, the group has reportedly assured various bellmen by saying, “we live here.”

  • Castle Leslie, County Monaghan, Ireland 

The slightly eccentric, yet strikingly magnificent Castle Leslie was completed in 1871, but the estate dates back for hundreds of years. Today, this luxurious hotel is said to be home to a number of reported spirits, including Norman Leslie, who supposedly inhabits the Red Room. A grey and dusty monk is occasionally seen in the banquet hall, while Lady Constance is said to haunt the Mauve Room.

  • Ross Castle, County Meath, Ireland 

This 5-bedroom stone tower-style castle built in 1536, is now run as Bed and Breakfast accommodations. If you stay here, there’s a good chance you won’t do much sleeping. Guests frequently wake up at night hearing voices as well as the doors banging and shutting on their own. Some have even felt the presence of a spirit sitting at the edge of their bed. It’s said that the spirit of an English lord’s daughter haunts the castle along with the ghost of Myles “The Slasher” O’Reilly, an Irish folk hero who spent his last night at Ross Castle before dying in battle in 1644.

  • Hotel del Coronado, Coronado, California 

This luxury resort built in 1888 has had its share of famous visitors, including former presidents, and it’s been rumored that it was the place where King Edward VIII first met Wallis Simpson. The hotel’s most famous ghostly guest is Kate Morgan, who was found dead several days after checking in back in 1892, with a gunshot wound to the head. Guests who’ve stayed in her room have witnessed lights flickering, the television turning on by itself and even a beautiful woman standing by the window. Kate has also been seen walking down the hallways, through the garden and along the beach.

  • Dalhousie Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland 

The ghost of Lady Catherine is the most frequently reported ghost at this 13th century fortress turned renowned hotel, a hotspot for honeymooners. Just a teen at the time, Lady Catherine is said to have locked herself in the top room of the castle and starved herself to death after her parents forbid her to see the young man she was in love with. She’s been heard on numerous occasions, tapping on doors, rustling her skirt and even sometimes pulling guest’s hair.